The OSKAR KOGOJ NATURE DESIGN gallery is located in the renovated home of Oskar Kogoj’s mother in the village of Miren near Gorica. The formal opening of the gallery took place in October 1998, and the opening ceremony was attended by many famous Slovenian cultural and political figures.
The Gallery houses a small permanent collection of exhibits. We also offer exclusive works of art for sale, including protocol and business gifts as well as promotional and personal gifts – in other words, gifts for all occasions, which we sell with the hope that authentic products related to the history of Slovenia as well as the world's history will become known and discussed.

Each room within the Gallery is a different world filled with the wisdom of past cultures and ancient symbolism, just like Kogoj’s works of art. The ONIKS ROOM radiates with the green colour of semi-precious onyx stone that comes from the border region between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The KITCHEN ROOM has a ceiling that is painted with a bobbin lace pattern, and the MEMORIAL ROOM allows visitors to learn about Oskar Kogoj’s ancestors and a part of his history. All these rooms are filled with Kogoj’s magical, energetic creations, which command admiration and create unique sensations.
In one of the exhibition rooms on the first floor of the Gallery, there is, in addition to various bronze sculptures, a glass wheel of fortune, which consists of a closed system of tubes with pure mercury from Idrija flowing through them. The second exhibition room emits unique energy and divinity as all of its walls are artistically painted with semi-precious stone dust. The wall paintings, which are the work of Slovenian painter Ivo Kisovec, the rainbow ceiling, the details and the designer items, each convey a deeper meaning... This is only a rough outline that cannot tell much about the artist. The room will remain a mystery to you until you have visited it – when you see it with your own eyes, it will leave you amazed and fascinated.

Oskar Kogoj is a world-famous industrial designer and artist, who designs various items from natural materials and integrates knowledge obtained through research of thousand-year-old cultures into them.
All items are the result of elaborate, hard work, which is often concealed from our eyes. The background of these items is historical, and each item conveys its own message and carries a deeper, underlying meaning. The designer himself gives them a clean form and fills them with positive energy.
We know that his extensive oeuvre, which is the result of years of research and exploration, encompasses the history of the Slovenians as well as knowledge obtained through observation of nature and its miraculous (re)creation. As such, products from Kogoj’s oeuvre enrich us in many ways.
The idea for each NATURE DESIGN item is inspired by nature. After it is born, the designer connects it with or finds it in the cultural heritage of Slovenia.
In one of his many interviews, Kogoj said: »To observe and admire nature is not enough. One has to try to understand its secrets and integrate them into each object.«

His products are unique, for they are exclusively hand made. They are all of Slovenian origin, made by Slovenian craftsmen from various materials including glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, stone, metal, hand-made paper, etc.
We could say that each of these materials is a medium through which the artist communicates with the energy of the transcendental.

Kogoj’s productions have been given as gifts to many presidents, ministers, members of royal families and other famous persons and have thus acquired a worldwide reputation.

In the Gallery in Miren, you can surrender yourself to the energy and the lively interaction between intuition, symbols and meanings. Only through such an experience, a part of Oskar Kogoj’s world will reveal itself to you.

We kindly invite you to personally visit our Gallery or choose gifts for your loved ones or business partners from the wide range of products available on this website.

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