A gift can express your gratitude, affection, attention...and create a memory that will make an important event unforgettable.
We usually give gifts to our loved ones, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and business partners, but sometimes we even give them to top officials at home or abroad.
A gift is one of the key steps towards smoother, better and even more effective communication as well as one’s active engagement with the modern world.
When choosing a gift, we should be careful and keep in mind the recipient’s cultural background and his or her hobbies and interests as well as the situation or occasion on which the gift will be presented to the recipient.

A gift can be something of the highest quality, a great achievement of the human mind, research, innovativeness and creativity. It can be an object enriched with history or, if it is designed by Kogoj, an object enriched with Slovenian cultural heritage and modern creativity, which conveys a message about something Slovenian, something that contributes significantly to making our small country known all around the world.

His items are unique, for they are exclusively hand made. They are all of Slovenian origin, made by Slovenian craftsmen from various materials including glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, stone, metal, hand-made paper, etc.
We could say that each of these materials is a medium through which the artist communicates with the energy of the transcendental.

Kogoj’s items have been given as gifts to many presidents, ministers, members of royal families and other famous persons and have thus acquired a worldwide reputation.

We are aware that these items speak about Slovenian culture. They also promote and strengthen our national consciousness.
We would like to present Slovenian traditions to you through these items and share them with people all over the world with your help.

Oskar Kogoj’s items and works of art manage to free us from the bonds of tedious habits and fashion trends. They promise to be our companions for life and to bring us tranquillity. His creations demand admiration. They invite us to touch them, caress them and use them to our benefit.
Just imagine owning a product designed by Oskar Kogoj, be it a piece of furniture, a glass or a bottle, and you will feel like nature has again become a part of your world.

In the OSKAR KOGOJ NATURE DESIGN gallery, you can find a gift for anyone. The items we offer make great PROTOCOL, BUSINESS or PROMOTIONAL GIFTS. In Kogoj’s oeuvre, you can also find PERSONAL birthday gifts or GIFTS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS - baptisms or weddings, important anniversaries, graduations, retirements or gifts that you can give to your colleagues as recognition awards. Choosing NEW YEAR GIFTS and gifts for other occasions from our product range won’t be difficult either.

When foreigners visit our country or Slovenian statesmen travel abroad, we have to find a special gift that conveys a message about the creativity of Slovenian people and the cultural heritage of Slovenia. When international meetings and various visits by officials take place in Slovenia or abroad, it is appropriate to give each participant a PROTOCOL GIFT that in itself speaks about Slovenian culture, language and tradition. The purpose of BUSINESS GIFTS, on the other hand, is to get closer to our business partners and improve our cooperation with them. Each one of Oskar Kogoj’s creations tells a story and conveys a deep meaning. Therefore you can bring something more than just an object into your business world by giving one of them as a gift. You can express your thoughts and feelings through its story. In Kogoj’s rich assortment of items, you can also find PROMOTIONAL GIFTS that are intended to show special attention. Last but not least, we offer you a wide range of PERSONAL GIFTS that you can give to your friends and loved ones on various occasions.

Kogoj combines tradition and modernity in his works of art. Therefore, when choosing a gift from his oeuvre, you can easily find something that contains something more rather than less. You will surely find something that suits your tastes, something that speaks to you and your soul, something that will bring joy to the recipient and tell him or her something about you.

We kindly invite you to take some time to visit the Oskar Kogoj Gallery in Miren, where you can enjoy the world of forms that are borrowed from nature and brought closer to us by the artist. In our Gallery, you can admire the presented products and their stories, which were created by the author with the intention to halt time in this materialistic and consumerist world so that you can think about yourself, look into your heart and reflect upon the life that you are living. Through each item, the author wishes to speak to you without words.
Visit us and purchase a gift that will bring joy to somebody, but keep in mind what you know about the gift recipient. Choose among beautiful sculptures, exquisitely shaped glasses, specially designed cups, energy-rich items and other gifts...and find something to brighten your loved ones’ day, bring joy to their hearts and fill their souls with positive energy and peace.

You are kindly invited to visit the world of natural forms, pure energy and positive sensations. Visit the Gallery that speaks about him, his feelings and his love of nature through his creations.

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