is located in the renovated home of Oskar Kogoj’s mother in the village of Miren near Gorica. The formal opening of the gallery took place in October 1998, and the opening ceremony was attended by many famous Slovenian cultural and political figures.
The Gallery houses a small permanent collection of exhibits. We also offer exclusive works of art for sale, including protocol and business gifts as well as promotional and personal gifts – in other words, gifts for all occasions, which we sell with the hope that authentic items related to the history of Slovenia as well as the world’s history will become known and discussed.

RTV SLO, OD BLIZU, Oskar Kogoj (Published 27. december 2016)

OSKAR ANDREJ KOGOJ, who was born on the 23rd of November 1942 in Miren near Gorica, is a world-famous industrial designer, academic and, above all, an artist.

He has participated in numerous group exhibitions since 1963 and has had many solo exhibitions since 1970.
His works of art are kept in more than 100 museums and permanent collections all over the world. He has exhibited his works in more than 350 exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, and since 1969, he has received more than 50 different international awards and recognitions for his outstanding work.

Oskar Kogoj, a Slovenian design ikon, can create unforgettable shapes through his touch and charisma. His designs do not only go down in the history of design but also touch the souls of those who obtain his creations.
He is highly sensitive to the integration of the human soul with the laws of nature, and therefore his ideas are combinations of the transcendental with the material reality. We should not forget that he is deeply committed to Slovenian tradition and open to the world as a whole at the same time. He is a great explorer of the forgotten knowledge of old civilisations, a worshipper of nature and a seeker of the truth.
His spirituality is strongly reflected in his work.

Oskar Kogoj’s productions are of high quality and originality and are also profound in terms of the communication of ideas. They contain elements of heritage, and as such, they provide information about Slovenian culture and creativity to people all over the world.

When choosing gifts, we should ask ourselves what message we wish to convey and how well we know the gift recipient to whom we wish to show attention, gratitude, trust and respect. Above all, you should not give a gift only because you received a gift. No matter what kind of gift and who we are giving it to, it will always express our feelings, our culture and our tastes.

In our sales gallery in the village of Miren, where you can also visit the permanent collection, you can find unique works of art, which are the results of many years of research and study of handwork, complex technological processes and classic and contemporary design. Kogoj’s works of art are made of various materials, including porcelain, ceramics, glass, wood, metal, bronze, stone... Each work of art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and an explanation of its symbolic meaning in Slovenian and English. If requested, the purchased item comes with hand-made gift packaging.

It is certainly easier to choose a gift if we are familiar with the values of the gift recipient’s cultural environment. We should try to choose original and innovative gifts, meaning that the gifts should not always be similar, for example giving glasses to the same person over and over. If we always choose similar gifts, we run the risk that they will lose all value in the recipient’s eyes – unless the recipient is a collector. We should also keep in mind what gifts we have received from a certain person, so that we do not »return« the same gift to him or her.

In any case, you will find gifts for all occasions in our gallery. Many of Kogoj’s productions were given as protocol gifts to foreign representatives, members of royal families, peacekeepers, presidents, ministers and many other important persons. Protocol gifts are also promotional, and have to be chosen carefully to meet the criteria regarding the positions and statuses of the gift recipients and the gift givers. Protocol gifts also reflect relationships between countries, cities and various cultures. In our gallery, you can find items that make great promotional gifts – such gifts are intended to present one’s country, company or institution and to emphasise its characteristics, thus creating a certain impression and communicating certain content as well as a way of life. We also offer different options to personalise your gifts – we can engrave them, add logos or create special packaging. In our gallery, you can also find business gifts, which are an important part of business strategies and relationships. We also offer a wide range of personal gifts that suit all types of occasions. You can even treat yourself to something beautiful, a »gift for the soul.«

If you are looking for a gift for any of the mentioned occasions, please browse our offers and choose from among various sculptures, glasses, chalices, pitchers, cups, bowls, trays, candle holders, vases, mortars, graphic prints, decorated eggs (Easter eggs), Kogoj’s lace products, candles, hand-made paper, good luck medallions, furniture and much more.

You can see and buy any of the items, including those presented on this website, at our sales gallery in Miren. If you do not have time to visit us, we will be happy to come to your office, answer any questions over the phone, prepare an offer according to your wishes or send you our latest catalogue and price list upon request.

We kindly invite you to visit our Gallery in Miren, where the energy of forms will surround you and make your thoughts brighter and more positive and where your heart will discover that perfect gift.

Receive me,
give me,
by giving you will obtain me once more.

(Mahabharata: verse 3136)

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