Each of the products conveys its own message that will by means of its content awaken us as human beings. Seeing each of the products reminds us of something beautiful and awakens the love, peace, and harmony within us. This is what Oskar Kogoj's products are all about. THEY ENCOURAGE US TO THINK, TRIGGERING THE PROCESS OF SELF-AWARENESS. THEY ARE CAPABLE OF HEALING US AND ENRICHING OUR SOULS, if we only let them do so.

When we buy a present for someone we love, we show our affection. The time has come for us to wake up and START LIVING. We must be aware that we are not just physical, but also emotional and spiritual beings. Using and utilizing art leads to our inner enrichment.

Kogoj’s work is a tribute to old cultures and civilizations who, most probably, were better aware of how important inner richness and being pure at heart are. With his art, Kogoj strives to bring us closer to the truth and remind us about the meaning of our existence. His mission is to build a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. With his creative products, he can even provide scientific proof that matter is energy or vibration. Using vibrations, he creates art. The symbols he uses have been used by our ancestors as a means of connecting with their nationalities and inner worlds. The products are, therefore, culturally and symbolically rich.

The modern times are leading us astray from our inner selves, putting power and fame first. However, this dark abyss of weakness and negativity is coming to an end. With these pieces of high art, we can finally awaken from the deep sleep. It is time for us to rise, wake up, and start living.

Kogoj's products have been awarded for their timeless design. The value of each individual product – which brings an essence of modernity into our homes, giving us an opportunity to rest our eyes and souls – increases over time.

We do our best to provide an offer that will satisfy at least one of your needs, helping you make your living better.


The wavy line can be found everywhere. Nature seeks light – cosmic energy. Christians have based their symbol of God and God’s creation on this very symbol. On a daily basis, we can feel it in our bodies. Moreover, we are a part of it. Vaška situla – the Bible of our ancestors – also depicts this symbol. The essence of all is the development of that which is good and that which is within us, namely by using our hearts, thoughts, and actions.

The symbol of an egg is of utmost importance to Oskar. It harbors powerful symbolism and meanings. Since everything comes from an egg, the egg is a symbol of rebirth or new beginnings. Additionally, everything comes together in an egg. Its fragility warns us of how it is important to attentively nourish our creative energy. At any given moment, something new can hatch from the shell which symbolizes our subconscious. Cosmic radiation that originates from an egg is healing and self-preserving. It was believed so as far back as the the times of Ancient Greeks and Romans who stored oil and wine in egg-shaped amphorae.

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